Beautify Your Living Room With These Simple Tips

When your living room has had the same look for some time and you are ready for a change, you can switch things up without spending a small (or not so small) fortune. Even giving your living room the appearance of having had a costly face-lift can be done by focusing on some very simple elements. By updating certain features you can give your living room an upgraded, high-end look and feel without draining your bank account.

When re-vamping a living room, many people opt for expensive, artistic-but-not-necessarily-functional furniture. Needless to say, this isn’t necessarily the wisest choice. New furniture can certainly be a good starting point, but it’s a good idea to shop around and choose items that are both stylish and comfortable, and that fit your personality and taste. Your guests are going to be more impressed with an area they can relax in than one in which they are worried about leaving a smudge on something.

Lighting is a major factor when it comes to upgrading your living room. Lamps and light fixtures create an ambiance all their own. Everything from floor to table lamps to more discreet recessed lighting can transform a room and create an appearance of upscale elegance. Lighting of a different hue or strength can be trained on unique pieces of art in order to create interesting focal points. To give your living room an art nouveau vibe, install a polished silver or black lacquer and gold floor lamp. An interesting chandelier can also add elegance and a touch of class to any living room.

Decorative mirrors are another low-cost, high-effect item to modernize any living room. Mirrors open up a room, giving the appearance of a larger and more open space. Mirrors can extend from floor to ceiling for a sleek, streamlined look, or smaller mirrors can be strategically placed around the room to disperse maximum lighting to create random points of interest.

Any living room can be given a glamorous, upscale feel with the right artwork. Interesting sculptures, bold, modern paintings, eclectic vases and statues, etc, present your living room in a whole new way. Some of your most economical finds can have the appearance of much pricier pieces. Two or three statement items can create an entirely new atmosphere in your living room.

Faux stone panels are another great way to give new, interesting life to an entire room with just a little effort. Whether you choose to install them on an entire wall or as enhancements to draw attention to a beautiful view from the windows or balcony, or to decorate an alcove for dramatic effect, faux stone panels will bring your living room to life and give it an air of class and sophistication quite unlike any other decorative enhancement can. Used to showcase a specific piece of furniture or as a backdrop for a large painting or print, faux stone panels can stand alone in giving your living room an entirely new and upscale personality without costing a fortune or replacing a wall permanently.

Creating a gorgeous, stylish living room can be simple and economical. Focus on making the space an expression of your own personality and style. Whether you are going for fun and playful or temporary and one-of-a-kind, the key to creating a lovely new living room is keeping it uniquely you!


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